Manufacturing 4.0 Technology Investment Program

Innovative Technology Infrastructure Grants

Accelerating Manufacturing Technology

The Manufacturing 4.0 Technology Investment Program provides grants that assist small- and mid-sized enterprises with the adoption and integration of smart technologies into existing operations in the state.

Two types of grants are offered through this program:

Manufacturing Innovation Equipment Grants- Up to $50,000 grants aimed at helping manufacturers increase productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. Eligible projects include:

  • Machinery acquisition, such as a 3D printer
  • Specialized equipment for automation, such as collaborative robotics
  • Advanced and autonomous robotics
  • Equipment for process improvements
Funded Innovation Equipment Grant Awards - Announced in the March 2022 Press Release
Total Funded Innovation Equipment Grant Awards

Manufacturing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Infrastructure Investment Grants- Up to $25,000 for the purchase of specialized hardware or software in the Industry 4.0 technology groups. Eligible projects include:

  • IIoT infrastructure hardware, such as enhanced server equipment to enable more cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity software
  • Predictive maintenance software
  • Sensor integration into industrial tools and shop floor machinery to determine wear or flaws
  • Industrial wearable technology integration to prevent injury
  • Data analytics software/engineering
  • Data visualization software
  • Augmented reality equipment
  • Sensor-driven transmission of real-time information from factory-floor to customers or suppliers
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging software and equipment to track inventory

Funded IIot Infrastructure Investment Grant Awards - Announced in the March 2022 Press Release
Total Funded IIoT Infrastructure Investment Grant Awards

Companies can apply for a combined amount of $75,000 between the two grants over the lifetime of the business and a 1:1 match is required for each grant submitted. Prior to applying, an Industry 4.0 assessment provided by the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) will be required and must be submitted with the application (click here to schedule). The application window is open on a continuous basis until funds are depleted.

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To be eligible for the grants, Iowa manufacturers must:

  • Be incorporated or authorized to do business in Iowa
  • Employ a minimum of 3 and fewer than 75 full-time employees across all locations
  • Designate with NAICS codes falling between 31-33 (used in the Manufacturing 4.0 report)
  • Derive a minimum of 51% of their revenue from the sale of manufactured goods
  • Have been operating for at least three years

A Manufacturing 4.0 Assessment provided by the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) must be completed before applying for grant funds.

Review the required documents that will be requested as part of the loan process

  • The required documents must be provided at the time of application to be qualified to receive a grant

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  • The application is online and must be completed in a single session
  • An automated response will verify the application was received