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Iowa embraces the technology revolution

Iowa is committed to helping manufacturers adapt to the landscape formed by the fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 - and its emphasis on smart technology, data-driven operations and process automation.  As the state's largest industry, advanced manufacturing generates more than $12 billion worth of exported goods and accounts for nearly 18% of the state's GDP so it is critical that Iowa embrace the technological demands of the 21st century economy.

While Industry 4.0 technologies can be applied in all industries, Iowa is targeting the manufacturing industry because of its significant economic impact, robust network of business leaders, connection to expert resources and strong infrastructure.

So, what is Manufacturing 4.0?

Manufacturing 4.0 refers to the utilization of technologies that fully automate processes for decision-making across a full product lifecycle. It challenges the industry to adopt innovative technologies to increase productivity, compete for talent and encourage ongoing globalization. The digital technology revolution includes the Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacturing, advanced robotics, augmented reality and cybersecurity.