Technology Development Assets

Iowa's Breadth of Manufacturing Assets & Expertise

Iowa has significant organizational and infrastructure assets for the manufacturing industry to draw from for Manufacturing 4.0 development. Collaboration and partnership with Iowa's resource providers is imperative to overcoming the hurdles that manufacturers might face, including technology implementation, integration planning, digital workforce skills training and interoperability requirements.

Iowa's Research Universities

Iowa's Community Colleges - Iowa's 15 community colleges represent an important state and regional asset in education and applied workforce training. They play a key role in translating the direct workforce needs of employers into training courses and degree programs.

CIRAS (Center for Industrial Research and Service) at ISU - CIRAS works with companies to fashion solutions specific to their individual needs and help them get started with Industry 4.0. They provide education and training, Manufacturing 4.0 assessments, proof-of-concept work, technology implementation assistance and connections to relevant providers.

UNI Metal Casting Center (MCC) - The Metal Casting Center is a leader in foundry research, applied technology and technical business assistance. It is one of the best equipped and most versatile foundry research centers in the world.
  • UNI Additive Manufacturing Center - UNI operates the center on TechWorks Campus to provide services targeted toward demonstration, education and consultation in additive manufacturing with the capability to use special materials and/or processes that aren't yet commercially available. The center's knowledge, expertise and direct industry outreach has provided Iowa with the most private companies using 3D sand printing technology in the US.
TechWorks - TechWorks Campus is an advanced manufacturing, research and development, innovation, and education center. It is aligned with regional industry-academic collaborations to provide skilled training in applied advanced manufacturing. The campus is home to UNI's Additive Manufacturing Center, The Additive Manufacturing Design Lab & Workforce and the Supplier Integration Lab.

Quad Cities Manufacturing Innovation Hub - The Manufacturing Innovation Hub helps manufacturers in the defense supply chain identify opportunities to grow and differentiate their operations, products and services. They created technology playbooks as a teaching tool to share the emerging technologies that will transform the industry.