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Iowa Manufacturing 4.0

A Strategic Plan for Iowa's Largest Industry

Iowa's Manufacturing 4.0 Initiative

Iowa's Manufacturing 4.0 initiative began in 2020 after recognizing the critical need to examine and support manufacturers' abilities to incorporate the advancing technologies and ensure businesses of all sizes continue to remain competitive in the global economy. With more than 4,100 manufacturing facilities employing 15% of Iowa's workforce, it is important to focus on further enhancing productivity and innovation.

Seizing the Manufacturing 4.0 Opportunity: A Strategic Plan for Iowa's Manufacturing Industry

The Iowa Economic Development Authority released an industry-led strategic plan that included recommendations for navigating the Manufacturing 4.0 journey. The plan offers a roadmap to accelerate the growth of Iowa's manufacturing ecosystem through the adoption and utilization of Industry 4.0 technologies. Not only does it include clear actions for all manufacturers - small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) - but it also also calls on the state's supporting environment as well, including resource providers, community colleges and universities, economic developers, elected officials and entrepreneurs.

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