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Manufacturing 4.0 Workforce Innovation Program

Workforce Technology Grants

Workforce solutions with innovative technology

The Manufacturing 4.0 Workforce Innovation Program addresses workforce issues by assisting manufactures negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and that demonstrate the ability to utilize manufacturing 4.0 technologies. The grants focus on:

  • Addressing workforce shortages that are either limiting the company in growth or sales, and/or
  • Retaining existing employees by refocusing human capital from manual, labor-intensive positions into highly skilled, value-added occupations through the integration of varying robotic and automated systems

To help Iowa's manufacturing industry recover from the pandemic and remain globally competitive, the grants prioritize projects aimed at:

  • Helping manufacturers increase productivity, efficiency and competitiveness through the acquisition of Industry 4.0 equipment, such as specialized equipment for automation, collaborative robotics and equipment for process improvements
  • Acquiring specialized hardware or software in the Industry 4.0 technology groups, such as investments in the Industrial Internet of Things: IIOT infrastructure hardware, cybersecurity software, sensor integration tools, predictive maintenance software, industrial wearable technology for injury prevention, data visualization software, RFID tagging software, equipment for inventory tracking, etc.

Iowa manufacturers with 76 to 250 employees across all locations and NAICS codes between 31-33 can apply for up to a $500,000 grant award. A minimum of a 25% match is required.

This program is no longer accepting applications.

Funded Workforce Innovation Grant Awards - Announced March 2022

To be eligible for the grant, Iowa manufacturers must:

  • Be incorporated or authorized to do business in Iowa
  • Employ a minimum of 76 and fewer than 250 full-time employees across all locations
  • Designate with NAICS codes falling between 31-33 (used in the Manufacturing 4.0 report)
  • Derive a minimum of 51% of their revenue from the sale of manufactured goods
  • Have been operating for at least three years
  • Demonstrate negative economic impacts due to COVID-19
This program is no longer accepting applications.